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On this page I would love to share some things with you that can inspire you. 
Some things I share are in English but there will also be some things that I share in Dutch, as they only arrive in Dutch. 


In 2013, there was a documentary about my recovery fase during an eating disorder. 
This documentary was on the Dutch television in December 2013. 
It completely changed my life, on a good way as I found out where my eating disorder came from and from that time I was able to work to a healthy way of living. 
You can still watch this documentary, unfortunately it is in ducht language. 


Het Leontienhuis is a house for people with an eating disorder and they loved ones. 
Since 2016 I worked here as a experience expert volunteer to help people. 
If you wanna check them out, you can find all information on they website. 
Het Leontienhuis is located next to Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

During my eating disorder I've felt really supported by the people from the website proud2bme. I had a dairy in the website and other people where able to read and respond. This gave me lots of strength. When I felt alone, this was the place to reach out and find people to connect with who know where you going true.

There also holding a blog with different subjects. NOt only about eating disorders but also other intrsting and nice subjects. 
Read here a interview with me out 2016.
Read here a interview with me out 2020.


During my eating disorder I've got help from Human concern. 
You can find all information in they website. 

Read here an interview with me on the website. 

Het doel van eetstoornisvrij is het geordend aanbieden van linkjes naar informatie betreffende eetstoornissen en zaken die daar nauw mee verbonden zijn. 

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