Private Yoga

During a private Yoga sessions, we have al the time to work on everything you want and need. 
Maybe you would like to learn some asanas, like headstand or armbalances, but it is also possible to take it way more easy and work with breathwork for example. 

It is possible to make a personal schedule for you, so that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Please ask me for the possibilities.

Personal training

During Personal training we focus on everything you need. We take all your goals (mentally and physically) and make the perfect schedule for you. 
Maybe you want to get stronger, want to gain weight, lose weight or just want to learn techniques and have fun during a workout.
The most important is that you feel comfortable. 

I can make a week schedule for you for workouts and we take the time to help you with your nutrition. 
Please ask me for the possibilities.

Online coaching 

Online coaching is the new normal! 
And so this is also possible for you.

During online coaching there are a lot of possibllties. 
We can do online yoga together, personal training, group training and/or yoga classes. 
I also can make a schedule for you for yoga or training, and online we can share all results. 

Please ask me for possibilities.



Going for a walk is good for your mental and physical health.
That's why it is possible to go with me for a walk. Together we can talk about everything you want during the walk. 
At the same time you go outside.

Small group training

Training together is much more fun of course. Small group training is possible with a maximum of 4 people. 
When we train online, it is possible to make the group larger. 

During group training, I won't make a schedule, but if you would like a personal schedule next to the group trainings,
you can aks me for possibilities.


Yoga weekend, Veluwe - Netherlands

Altijd al een volledig weekend voor jezelf willen hebben? 
Tijdens het Yogaweekend doen het je alle tijd om je even terug te trekken. Zo zijn er verschillende yoga stijlen, een (gedeeltelijk stilte) wandeling, optie voor massage, heerlijk eten en dat alles in een prachtige omgeving. 
Lees hier meer 

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